Ahoy, mateys, welcome aboard!

As the elected Capt'n of the Failboat [Minion Emma and First-mate Will wanted to be able to mutiny against somone otherewise, what's the point o being a crew?] I would like to thank all you haaard workin'  drawin' folk for all your effort in helping us make Birdsong. [Incidently, for anyone who hasn't handed in by this Friday, a length of bog oak, a plank and a spiggot await yee.- Since this is going to be Will, none of you have anything to worry about.] We're slowly getting the pages set and ready and soon to be getting the graphic design and covers sorted [prods Will] and will hopefully be getting close to getting the bloody thing published before the end of the con season [brandishes spiggot and wooden mallet at Will.]

Thankee all koindly!

Lou, Capt'n o the FAILBOAT, shiver me timbers, ahar.

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Doing some initial character sketches. I know exactly the story I want to tell, but I haven't started laying it out yet. Must get on the case soon! (I just drew this one in colour for fun.)

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been procrastinating on this a while now, but starting to shade up pages of ginnel. I still need to take the shaded layer, put them back into the full size page [this is a reduced page so I can get the grain of the shading coarser]
also probably putting on more black and white highlights.

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The British Knights (well one, and the bad guy)

Here's a couple of sketches from a 'British Power Rangers' I had once, a while ago
There's a bunch of kids fighting diabolic forces trying to break into our dimension. As the adult forces of the Unicorn, Stag, Eagle etc have been overcome the next generation of Knights (Fox, Mole, Badger, Otter etc) must learn to take arms to protect the world.

some birdsong page breakdowns

The Birdsong songbird book is 96 pages-
[additional pages ill ahve to go up in increments of 16.]

Thus far

naniiebim Lou- 16
chamonkee will-16
rakugaking jorby-16 [?]
shakino kim-16
wjc- 16
sarah mcintyre-2
jamie smart-2
=84 pages
tozo dave? approx 10 so far.
use inside cover for info?

so front cover- publication info and start of bios, back cover rest of bios.
page 1 contents page [can be illustrated]
page 2 straight into comics.

so 85 pages used up remaining 11
might need 1 page for indication to flip book contents to either songbird or birdsong sides?

I could run mine straight in from the back. [Although i'd pref if i could stick in a blank separation page if pos [we can probs ask about this as it would be put in with the cover.]
so that the ginnel title is on the double page spread.


Well, I've probably finally procrastinated myself into a corner, so i actuallys started doign some ginnel thumbnails last night, which since the first section is only 16 pages might actually be achieveable, but the worrying thing is that the first 5 pages is pretty much full of owies and blood....  um.
 anyway- i'll work on some more, and this is what was the last ginnel thing i did. Another sketch day this time at minion emma's this weekend after our korean manga exhibition and various other comic assiciated activites day on sat.

I'll have to try and do a sort of midlands sketchday at some point at my place so some of the londony people can come and hang as well as the north'ners. I suspect Jam will take one look and then go and hide somewhere.

would anyone in this group be interested in a drawing day in the north cambridge area?